Alex, your friendship means everything to me, I can’t lose you. What if we screw this up?

Not a chance.

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P l e a s e    d o n ’ t     l e t     g o    o f    m e.

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"Money won’t make you happy"

Yeah, financial stability is just horrible

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As long as I’m breathing, it’s not over.

For clarification, the idea behind this gifset is that Aang may not be alive, but his children are and they’re willing to do anything to protect Korra and the new Air Nation.

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Batfamily + Text Posts (inspired by all of these)

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art by minuiko

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whose happiness matters most?

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I disagree about the purpose of relationships. But setting that does Emma make Alex feel good or like himself? I think she does the opposite. How many times has he winced when she called him boring and insulted his skills/interests? (many) How many times has she complimented him to his face about anything? (IIRC, once, accidentally about his body) If what he wants/needs in a relationship is to like himself, he would not have stuck around this long.

I see romantic relationships as a mixture of friendship and attraction (and that something plus, of course), so I think that relationships aren’t necessarily about being the best person you can be, because this concept changes from person to person. Sometimes you don’t want someone to make you kinder or more selfless, you just want someone who’ll accept who you are. Emma and Alex have been friends for a long time, so the teasing is a big part of their relationship, but I don’t think it’s because they don’t accept who the other is. Sure, they fight, but even that can be part of what they see as a good relationship. In my opinion, it’s better than Izzy, who just holds it in.

I can understand Emma when she says she’s the creative part of them. Alex is a serious guy who plays it safe and seems to just accept the status quo (he is also kind and tactful, more humane in this aspect). Emma, on the other hand, is always playful and lively, and she doesn’t mind taking risks or seeming aggressive. They balance each other out.

Maybe she makes him less agreeable and more ambitious, maybe she shakes him up sometimes, but that is life. It helps him grow, even if it doesn’t make him a “better person”. And based on the way they smile at their private jokes and teasing, they make each other happy.

There’s this quote from asofterworld that I really like, “Everyone says you bring out the worst in me, like that’s a bad thing.”

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